Meet you where you are at…

The world of home staging and redesign has grown tremendously over the past decade, thanks in part to HGTV.  We have also observed expanding growth opportunities for professionals within the industry.  There are stagers who specialize in vacant and/or occupied staging, those who also provide color consultations, photo prep sessions, personal shopping, and those who specialize in consultations and reports. We are also trained to redesign spaces when a homeowner simply needs assistance in one Read More

The painful purge process…do I really need this many wooden spoons?

If you are preparing to list your home, NOW is the time to have a serious pep talk with yourself about how to tackle “the purge”. It is crucial to attack this from a practical perspective, otherwise you will find every excuse to keep items that will continue to bog down space both on a physical and emotional level.  If you are on the fence about an item, DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT put in Read More

Common Misconceptions about Home Staging

Misconception: The home stager only works on the interior of the home.  Reality: The home stager’s evaluation starts at the curb. We will address landscaping needs, exterior paint, things in need of repair, and excessive clutter. Basically, if an item doesn’t add to the aesthetic beauty of the surroundings, it shouldn’t be part of the first impression. Misconception: Home staging and home decorating are basically the same. Reality:  While many professionals can do both home staging and Read More

Am I truly ready to list my home?

I personally believe that emotional attachment is one of the hardest things to conquer when it comes time to sell your home, at least it was for me. The photo above happens to be my home back in Kansas. Oh the memories! BUT, if you don’t have to think twice about taking down the personal photos, have the heart to paint over the children’s room (see photo below), pack the treasured knick-knacks, or ditch the Read More

Icing on the cake

The importance of a home’s online presence cannot be stressed enough in these modern times. If your online photos look like you haven’t touched your home in more than 10 years, you may have eliminated a large portion of your audience. When I was young, my siblings and I would go through the JCPenney catalog and claim our treasures. We turned EVERY page but blushed and giggled when we came to the intimate clothing section, Read More

Been there, done that!

When we put our home on the market a few years ago, I was uneasy having total strangers go through our home. Would actual buyers come through or would it be just a bunch of lookie-loos? I had a flashback to the pestiferous neighbor from the television show Bewitched. I mean every neighborhood has a Mrs. Kravits around the corner, right? But to be honest, I couldn’t really blame the neighbors for taking a peek Read More

Are you in the know?

When I decided to write a blog describing home staging, I thought it would be easy peesy…not so. Honestly, we are truly a diverse breed each bringing unique skills and strengths to the table. Some do vacant staging, others do lived-in (occupied), some only do consultations, and some do a mix of all the above. I consider myself a consultation geek because I love personal interactions. Following is my attempt to provide clarity to typical Read More