Even though we are likely to get more snow, spring will be here before we know it…WAIT, this is Colorado and spring may not actually start ’til  May. Mother Nature is and will always be the boss.  Barring a late freeze, warmer weather will eventually show its beautiful head by means of blooms and heavy rains.

I digress, on to the main purpose of this blog. If you are considering listing your home in the next few months, we need to have a heart to heart about curb appeal.  This is true even if you are considering selling in a  year or two.

True story, my family likes to tease that I found our second home at a garage sale. I may just dedicate an entire blog, or two, toward my garage sale obsession! Anyway, while  shopping at a garage sale in a neighborhood we desired, I asked a few people if they knew of homeowners that may be considering listing their home and, to my delight, lady luck was on my side. I’m sure you can guess the rest of the story. We lived and loved our “garage sale” home for 14 years!

One of the reasons we decided to pursue this home was it’s location and great curb appeal. Folks, the moral of this story is curb appeal matters.  

So, how do you improve your curb appeal? I’m so glad you asked. Following are a few tips that can separate your home from the competition.

      • Update your front door hardware
      • Paint your front door (black is a great color for resale)
      • Install appealing house numbers, even if it means you simply repaint the shiny brass
      • Replace a mailbox if needed
      • Replace outdoor light fixtures. Make sure lights are bright and there are no burned out bulbs
      • Place potted plants around the entryways. Yellow is great for photos
      • Purchase or replace cushions for outdoor furniture
      • Install pathway or landscape lighting
      • Clean up the flower beds
      • Trim dead limbs
      • Hire professionals to treat lawn when needed
      • Keep yard toys in the back yard
      • Wash your windows
      • Purchase a new “Welcome” mat
      • Add fresh mulch to your flower beds

    While these tips may seem minor, you may be surprised how many potential buyers won’t even look inside a home if the outside looks unkempt or dated. A first impression on the outside often lends to skepticism of what may lurk behind the front door.

  1. But here is the good news. A home stager’s radar turns on the moment we step out of our car. We got you covered! So, if you are considering selling a home in the next few months, contact me so we can discuss how you can bring potential buyers to your door, beginning at your curb.