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Our Services

Professional Consultations

We believe the best way to begin the home staging or redesign process is through a walk-and-talk consultation. 

This conversation is important for us to evaluate the pros and cons of the home and to discuss the budget.

We believe our personal connection helps clients to get to know us and trust our design expertise. 

Generally, the consultations last two hours and we strongly recommend all owners be present if possible.

Hands-on Staging

Home staging is different from decorating. Home staging involves choosing the right props, proper furniture arrangement, and creating a sense of warmth which should flow from room to room. Home staging takes the property to the next level by making it look bigger, brighter, and cleaner. 

We accentuate the positive features by identifying and enhancing the rooms focal point. Proper staging should evoke emotional connections and appeal to a large audience.

Family Room staged


Redesign services are for homeowners who do not intend to sell but simply need some design guidance. This is a great opportunity for owners to pick a designers brain to marry the homeowner’s personal taste and lifestyle.

We also set up private Pinterest Boards and shop for homeowners and, in some cases, we can offer merchandise trade discounts. Call us today so we can enhance your home today! 

Written Action Plans

We take pride in our detailed and personalized  home staging action plans which are included with our walk-and-talk consultations. If you are a DIY’er, this staging plan is your instruction manual.

Not only will there be no questions unanswered, we include valuable links and photos to clarify examples of staging recommendations. Action Plans are emailed to the homeowners and agents within 24 hours of the consultation. 

Photo Prep

The majority of people looking for homes these days are looking online. The way your home looks in photos need to be emotionally appealing.

If you aren’t sure your home is ready for photo day, call us and  make a photo prep  appointment. 

We can work with or without the sellers to make sure your home is ready to be showcased. You would be amazed how even minor tweaks can make a difference!

  • 2-Hour Consultation which includes an in-depth written report $180
  • Hourly Rate $75