Occupied Staging

If a home is still occupied, a home stager can still make a huge impact. Using the owners items, the stager will make sure the furniture and accessories are placed in such a way that showcases the home to appeal to the majority of potential buyers. We also discuss what should be removed and purchases that will enhance certain spaces.

Family room stage
Family room staged after

Consultations & Action Plans

At minimum, every listing should have a consultation with a professional home stager. You would be surprised at how our skilled marketing advise will contribute to the look of the home. 

At the end of the consultation, Enhancement Home Staging will supply a comprehensive Action Plan within 24 hours. This is a great service for the DIY family! 


If you do not intend to sell but need some design assistance, we can come to your home and come up with a comprehensive plan step by step. This is a very effective way to save on the design budget.

Media center

photo prep

On professional photo day, the home stager will show up early to make sure the home is completely ready. We will even provide temporary accessories which will be removed after the photos have been taken.

Color Consultations

Whether it be to preparing to list a home or a redesign project, we can come to your home, color deck in hand, and find the best colors for each room based on lighting, flooring, architecture, and decor.  We can also put together a rendering of what the room will look like once painted by the chosen color! 

Do you need to choose an exterior color? We got you covered there too! 


E-Design is virtual design. We provide design boards containing images of proposed furnishings and decor, 2D renderings, floorplans, live shopping lists, designer notes, and communication throughout. This is perfect for the homeowner that doesn’t mind putting in some of the legwork to speed things along and save on the budget.

s-design renderings