It’s hard to believe February is already here! If you are planning to sell your home soon, you may have been preparing the inside for some time. With spring around the corner, it’s time to have a conversation about curb appeal. Many don’t realize that a home stager’s assessment begins the moment they step out of their vehicle.

If you live in Colorado, then you are aware that a warm day can be followed by a blizzard, so you need to be “Johnny-on-the-spot” when greeted with one of those days.  Please, please don’t wait for the for a sign to be placed in the yard to address the curb appeal. One of the most compelling reasons NOT to wait is that there are often potential buyers driving by seeking a home in the neighborhood they desire. That may be your neighborhood and your home…IF it is appealing enough.

It is also common practice for realtors to send letters to neighborhoods scouting potential listings for specific buyers. If you are on the fence about selling when you receive that scouting letter, you want to be prepared.

My family jokes that I found our second home at a garage sale. The home we ended up purchasing wasn’t even listed. While stopping at a garage sale in a neighborhood we desired, I discovered owners who had been contemplating selling. We could only see the outside, but it was enough to entice us to pursue. We enjoyed over 20 years in our Kansas garage sale home (see photo above).

With all this in mind, let’s walk through a few curbside tips for your home to impress the “drive-by” potential buyers.

  1. Update your front door hardware
  2. Paint your front door a pleasing and complimentary color
  3. Install appealing house numbers, even if it means you simply repaint the shiny brass
  4. Replace a mailbox if needed
  5. Replace outdoor light fixtures. Make sure lights are bright and there are no burned out bulbs
  6. Place potted plants around the entryways
  7. Purchase or replace cushions for outdoor furniture
  8. Install pathway or landscape lighting
  9. Clean up the flower beds
  10. Trim dead limbs
  11. Treat for weeds before they rear their ugly heads.
  12. Hire professionals to treat lawn when needed
  13. Keep yard toys in the back yard
  14. Wash your windows

Preparing to sell a home can be daunting. If you feel lost as to where to begin whether it is  in or outside your home, let me help guide you toward a top-dollar sale. Call me today to set up a consultation.

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