I was recently in a client’s home for a staging consultation and it was apparent they were proud collectors, rightfully so.  I always enjoy hearing about the treasures but once I get to work, I need to put the collections out of my mind and hopefully convince the sellers do the same so they can begin packing and depersonalizing. 

Although this scenario is very common, it can be a bit uncomfortable for those involved. Believe me, as a home stager, I’m never fully comfortable addressing the need to remove treasured décor that has been collected through the years. However, at the end of the day a stager’s job is to come up with the best marketing solutions to get a top dollar sale.

The process of converting a “home” back into a “house” for market takes a lot of physical and emotional effort. When working with sellers, home stagers are aware that it can be intimidating to be faced by a total stranger who may suggest packing mementos that have brought them so much joy. It has been my experience that there are generally a couple types of sellers. One type is ready to rock and roll and already has a great relationship with their packing tape. However, a larger majority either dread the work that is upon them or they dread facing the reality of letting go of a home they love.  

There are differing views when it comes to personal collections and family photos. Many sellers are concerned that if these items are removed, the home may feel cold or less appealing. This is an understandable concern. However, it is very important to allow potential buyers feel like they could live in a home. Unfortunately, that family photo hanging over the mantle may kill that feeling. No need to fear this conversation because if you have a professional home stager on your team, you can likely avoid this awkward conversation.

I suppose it may be a personal preference, but from a professional staging point of view, neutralizing is the better path, but neutral doesn’t have to be cold and boring. Home stagers are properly trained to balance depersonalizing and creating emotional connections at the same time. In order to achieve these emotional connections, home stagers use appropriate accessories, tasteful art, luxurious bedding, carefully placed vignettes, and a furniture grouping that provides an easy flow from one room to another.

Selling a home is by no means a one-person gig. Savvy realtors understand that in order to be highly successful, they must have a team of experienced professionals. This team may include a reputable stager, lender, title company, cleaning company, inspector, photographer, and vendors available to address maintenance issues.

Each team member will bring their “A” game applicable to their specialty making the entire process run smoothly. A common mistake is to underestimate the power of home staging. Once realtors have a listing, I believe the first person to call is a professional home stager. I would be honored to have an opportunity to climb aboard a strong selling team.  

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A great team will divide the tasks and multiply the success!

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