It's already August!

It’s hard to believe the beginning of school is right around the corner! Our spring consisted of snow until after Mother’s Day resulting in shortened summer activities which is a bummer when you live in Colorado.

I am a Colorado native, but we raised our children in Kansas, so they had no idea how many added activities they could do in a dryer climate. Fortunately, they are both attending college in Colorado and it is wonderful to be back in the saddle!


When my kids were young, I was as excited as they were when the school year ended. But by early August, we were all bored. The activities were at the repetitive stage, the humidity was keeping us all inside, the cicada noises grew louder, and we were fed up with the chigger bites.  Ah yes, Kansas in August – good riddance!


August also brings the anticipation of teacher assignments, class schedules, school supplies, and the excitement of reuniting with school friends.  Parents of young children are excited to volunteer for their child’s first field trip and high school parents are beyond ready to pass them the torch.  


Of course, we can’t leave out empty nesters who have longed to paint the blue and orange room so that guests don’t feel obliged to root for the Denver Broncos. Indeed, the back-to-school nesting has begun for many parents and we are presented with several adjustments in our day-to-day lives.


I knew they would be missed but having the kids back in school meant my house could return to a semi-normal state. So, what DOES a parent do after celebrating some peace and quiet? With the best intentions in mind, we often turn to our “will-get-to-it-one-day list”.

Unless your schedule is already filled with after school activities, now is the time to get started taking care of those unfinished projects because once September arrives, the window of productivity will shrink before your eyes.


For me, August brings an additional type of renewal as it happens to be the birthday month for me and my daughter. These days, we are both going through our unique stages of life and experiencing a relationship through adult eyes. Though I truly cherished my time as a young parent, my husband and I look forward to sharing our lives with our young adults. (The above photo was taken when my children were in pre-k and first grade).


It’s nice to be at a place where I have chosen a career that is centered around MY passion. I absolutely love consulting with homeowners to help bring the piece and serenity back into their homes.  From one parent to another, it is a bittersweet time but with every summer closure, you have the opportunity to celebrate YOU even if it is temporary.

If you are lacking the motivation and need a bit of a nudge, give me a call so I can help you get a productive start.

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