Make buyers Fall in love with your listings!

Janice HalloweenAs we approach the final months of the year, home sellers have a couple of advantages. 1. Less competition 2. Buyers are motivated. Often people are forced to move during the less desirable times due to employment so finding a home quickly is key. Here are a few tips to help warm up your listings!


Curb Appeal

We all know the importance of curb appeal, but you may have to work a little harder to impress during the colder months. Be sure to keep leaves raked and snow shoveled. I recall going to stage a home and crawling over a mound of snow to get to the front door! Since nature has been put to sleep for a few months, you can still maintain an aesthetically pleasing exterior. Ask yourself the following questions: Are your shrubs overgrown? Is your roof in need of repair? How is the paint holding up? Do the windows need to be replaced? Are the dead plants removed? Even something as minor as painting your front door (which we just did) can make a heap of difference. A seasonal wreath on the front door or a few pumpkins can add that needed pops of color. Make the first impression count!


Warm it up
Who doesn’t want to feel warm and cozy when it is cold outside? To create a warm and inviting feel to your home, start by adding throws to draw attention to a lit fireplace. Create a cozy reading corner by placing reading glasses on top of a book and a pair of slippers nearby (not the ones your dog chewed up). Play up the fall colors with a festive centerpiece or convert your coffee corner into a hot chocolate station!

Most importantly, be sure to use tasteful and simple decor. Leave the screaming witch and fake cobwebs in storage this year! Regardless of the season, less is always more when it comes to staging.


Let there be light
Since our days are getting shorter, we can no longer depend upon natural light to warm up a room with the same intensity. Here are some tips for lighting: keep curtains open during showings, add extra lamps in the dimly lit areas, try to have showings scheduled when your home receives the most natural light, replace burned out light bulbs (incandescent, or those that mimic incandescent lights are the best for photography) and finally consider painting darker rooms with a lighter neutral color; a good stager can recommend a proper color.


Be sure to use an agent who partners with a professional stager and photographer. It is very common for agents to pay the initial staging consultation and the MLS photos.  If you don’t know where to start, Enhancement Home Staging can get you on the right path.


For more decor ideas, visit my Pinterest Fall Decor board

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