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The world of home staging and redesign has grown tremendously over the past decade, thanks in part to HGTV.  We have also observed expanding growth opportunities for professionals within the industry.  There are stagers who specialize in vacant and/or occupied staging, those who also provide color consultations, photo prep sessions, personal shopping, and those who specialize in consultations and reports. We are also trained to redesign spaces when a homeowner simply needs assistance in one or all areas of their home. Within each of these specialties there are sub-specialties. Yes, we are everywhere…but is this profession well understood by the majority?

Many homeowners and realtors have a misconception that it takes a large budget to hire a stager or redesigner, but let’s be honest; there are many families who simply don’t have a large budget. So what are the professionals to do? We meet them where they are at! It may not look like a model home, but proper staging can still help a home sell faster and for a higher profit than an unstaged home and redesigners will work with the presented budget.

 To be clear, if you have the budget to stage, by all means bring in professionals who have the furniture and accessories to showcase your home.  EVERY home regardless of the price point can benefit from some sort of staging.  Tight budgets are simply a fact of life so stagers need to be considerate of all options when consulting with sellers.  

 Even if budget isn’t an issue, homeowners are often willing to put in the necessary sweat equity to showcase their home but simply need some guidance.  Professionals in this industry are up-to-date on the newest trends, the best colors for resale, the proper furniture flow, what should stay or go, and most importantly how to bring the emotional value to the home.

So how can sellers use stagers when the budget is sparse? One solution is to seek a realtor who appreciates the value of staging as they often pay for the initial consultation.  Consultants have helped thousands of sellers and agents make a huge profit without providing one piece of furniture.  So who do you call? I’m so glad you asked!

 Enhancement Home Staging specializes in comprehensive consultations and action plans.  I’ve partnered with many reputable agents and have had great success with obtaining top-dollar offers.  More agents are beginning to recognize the value of staging and understand that the end product means more revenue for them as well.

 Stagers and redesigners realize that every homeowner is at different place when seeking to showcase their home, whether selling or redesigning.  So don’t let budget constraints stop you from reaching out. Rest assured that there is more than likely a professional who can accommodate your unique needs. We are here to meet you where you are at!

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