It's Only Temporary

Collectors are proud of their finds, rightfully so. As a home stager, I have been in situations where collections are front and center. IN. EVERY. ROOM! While it is often fascinating to hear stories tied to various collections, my job is to present reasons why personal items need to be packed away when selling. 


Asking collectors to pack away their treasures may be a sensitive topic to approach. However, my responsibility to help sellers obtain top-dollar for their home would be of no value if I turned a blind eye to the Beanie Baby collection greeting potential buyers at the front door. 


The process of converting a “home” back into a “house” for market takes plenty of physical and emotional effort. Furthermore, sellers may have their guard up if a total stranger (the stager) suggests packing mementos that have brought them so much joy. 


I have found there are generally a two types of sellers…those who already have a great relationship with their packing tape, and those who can’t let go of a home they love. Taking down photos of the memories created in the home can really be tough for the second type of seller.


There are different schools of thought when it comes to personal collections and family photos. Many sellers are concerned that if these items are removed, the home may feel cold or less appealing. I totally understand that logic. BUT when selling, it is crucial for potential buyers to see themselves in the home. Unfortunately, that family photo hanging over the mantle may kill that feeling. 


Folks, let me be very clear, neutral doesn’t have to be cold and boring if staged properly. Emotional connections can be strategically created without Uncle Joe’s picture in the background. Up-to-date accessories, tasteful art, luxurious bedding, carefully placed vignettes, and a cohesive furniture placement will be the key to properly showcasing a home. 


Successful realtors have mastered delegation and partner with trusted stagers to help explain not only how, but WHY they make their recommendations. If for no other reason, sellers must be made aware of potential security issues when their personal items and photos are plastered on the MLS listing. Nobody should know where that adorable infant or valued doll collection is located. Show buyers the fabulous fireplace, not little Johnnies first birthday photo with cake all over his face. 


The ultimate goal is for sellers to receive top-dollar offers, quickly. Home staging, not Uncle Ned’s photo on the mantle, will help them reach this desired goal. Selling isn’t always easy, but the sooner the home gets sold the sooner the wedding  and vacation photos can come out again….in the next home. It’s only temporary!



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