Solving the mystery of the home staging consultation

Lately, I’ve been participating in several 1-1’s with realtors and have walked away with a common theme from our conversation. 

Staging, and its benefits, are a bit of a mystery to some. Although home staging has been around for a while, it has really started to gain traction thanks to HGTV and other design programs.

Taking it one step further, it is incumbent upon stagers to educate the public about their services. Most of the realtors with whom I have spoken have had little to no exposure to home staging. However, I am hopeful home staging will gain more exposure within the real estate world, both in and outside of the licensing process.

So, where do we begin? Once you’ve found a reputable home stager, the first step will be meeting for an initial consultation at the seller’s home. Below is a quick summary of the consultation process.

What is a home staging consultation?

Home staging consultations are very detailed on-site discussions about steps recommended to showcase a home in all of its glory. The cost of the initial consultation may vary from state to state but it is ALWAYS less than the first price reduction. In Colorado, consultation fees are generally $175-$250. The varying cost often depends on the size of a home and if a report is included.

We make realtors look good!
The best realtors automatically include staging consultations with their services. Successful realtors understand that delegating the staging portion enables them focus what they do best, which is to sell the home! A strong stager-realtor partnership is critical to make all the moving parts run effectively. Our behind the scenes work will make realtors shine and help the bottom dollar for all involved.

What is involved in home staging consultation?
The home stager will start at the curb and eventually make it to the front door. Once inside, the stager, sellers, and sometimes the realtor walk from room to room to evaluate all aspects that could be improved upon to make a quick sale for top dollar…without breaking the bank!

The Action Plan
Once the consultation is complete, stagers may provide an action plan. This plan may be several pages and will include the consultation recommendations and possibly additional tips and photos. Enhancement Home Staging presents the action plan in an and orderly and comprehensive format within 24 hours of the consultation.

The next step is generally up to the sellers. Sellers will have an option to hire the stager to do the staging or they may choose to do it themselves. Even though the sellers are in control of a DIY scenario, they need to keep in mind the bottom dollar depends on the amount of recommendations fulfilled.

Though this is just the tip of the iceberg, I hope that I have solved the mystery that surrounds the initial steps of home staging. Give me a call today so we can solve the remaining mysteries.

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