Common misconceptions about home staging!

Misconception: The home stager only works on the interior of the home. 

Reality: The home stager’s evaluation starts at the curb. We will address landscaping needs, exterior paint, things in need of repair, and excessive clutter. Basically, if an item doesn’t add to the aesthetic beauty of the surroundings, it shouldn’t be part of the first impression.

Misconception: Home staging and home decorating are basically the same.

Reality:  While many professionals can do both home staging and home decorating, the two have very different end goals. When staging, we are marketing a product appealing to the buyer’s emotions. When decorating, we strive to satisfy the homeowners décor and lifestyle needs.

Misconception: Only luxury homes deserve staging.

Reality:  No matter the price point of a home, all homes must showcase their full potential. If a home does not evoke positive emotions by maximizing the desirable and minimizing the less desirable areas, you are likely cutting into the bottom dollar. Think of it this way…would you rather buy a well-kept older Chevy or a newer Chevy that looks like someone is living in it?

Misconception: All you need to do is clean the home, depersonalize, and declutter.

Reality:  Again, buyers rely on their emotions when they are evaluating a home. While a clean and neutral home are important factors, they may not be enough to close a deal. Sellers need to go that extra mile by bringing in a home stager trained to provide emotional connections. Don’t leave money on the table, you want top-dollar offers!

Envision a cozy chair with a blanket draped over the arm sitting next to a table with a book on top. Now THIS will evoke a positive emotional connection. Carefully placed accessories and furniture are the type of emotional connections home stagers provide.

Misconception: Buyers must understand that if they want to stretch their budget, they’ll need to do some renovations, painting, and cleaning to fix up the place before move-in.

Reality: If a seller wants to avoid low-ball offers, they need to address the needed updates and obvious flaws. Home buyers would rather not do the fixer-upper work themselves. Home stagers are trained to advise which investments bring the best return.

Misconception:  Houses are flying off the shelves so I don’t need to stage the home.

Reality: Sure, you may get an offer from the first person that walks through the front door, but what if you waited a few days to get competing offers? Here is a hint, find an agent who understands the value of home staging.  Staged homes often bring competing offers increasing the profit for both the sellers and agents.

Misconception:  Home Staging is expensive.

Reality: If done correctly, home staging is an investment that repays itself and then some! Staging is MUCH less than the first price reduction. 

Here is a great link provided by the National Association of Realtors that breaks down the statistics of home staging.

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