How does it make you feel?

Have you ever walked into a home at it just felt cozy right away? Was it the perfect location with an amazing yard, large closets, or a gourmet kitchen? I’ve fallen in love with many homes but I’ve also left and thought that I wouldn’t actually want to live there because it just didn’t “feel right.” We’ve all heard the phrase “so how does it make you feel?”


Most often we hear this from a parent, coach, friend, or even a therapist. But how many times have you heard a realtor ask “so how does it make you FEEL?”  Moving furniture to the best location is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to properly staging a home. Most of the choices a home stager makes are intended to provoke valuable emotional connections.

For example, if a home has a beautiful view, we place something near that window to draw the eye out. If a ceiling is high or low, we adjust the furniture to maximize or minimize the strength or weakness. Do you want someone to envision themselves reading a book in a comfy chair, then we find some glasses to place a book next to that chair….you get the idea. Home stagers create spaces for others to immediately “feel” at home which takes the value of a home to another level. 

Most buyers will walk through a door with a checklist of “must haves.” Even when the majority of the boxes are checked, if buyers don’t feel “at home” or get an overall positive vibe, they may hesitate to make an offer. Alternatively, if a buyer feels at home they may be willing to trade off some of their “must haves” in order to be in a home that just “feels right.

Never underestimate the influence that emotional connections provide, particularly if buyers are on the fence. Don’t risk leaving money on the table by ignoring one of the most important marketing steps to selling a home. You may be short changing your top-dollar sale potential if you don’t create ways for buyers to “feel at home.” There really is a method to a stagers madness I often wonder if I missed my calling as a psychologist, perhaps I haven’t it after-all.

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