Do I really need this many wooden spoons?

If you are preparing to list your home, NOW is the time to have a serious pep talk with yourself about how to tackle “the purge”. It is crucial to attack this from a practical perspective, otherwise you will find every excuse to keep items that will continue to bog down space both on a physical and emotional level.If you are on the fence about an item, DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT put in anywhere near your “definitely keep” pile!

Create the following three piles that are clearly divided.

1. Definitely keep

2. Donate

3. Trash

Carry the below list of questions with you throughout the purge process

*How often is the item used?
*Have you used it in the past year, and do you expect to use it in near future?
*Does this item make life easier and add to your quality of life?
*Do you already have something similar that serves the same purpose?
*Is this item hard to maintain or keep clean, if so, is it worth the effort?
*If you got rid of this item, would it be difficult to replace? Would you want to replace it?
*Would your life change if you didn’t own it?

*Would it be better utilized if you donated it to a good cause?

Obviously, there will be items easier than others to relinquish. This is the time to call the friend or family member who is ALWAYS brutally honest (in the best way) to offer support and guidance. Expect them be frank about your collection of travel soaps that you MAY need in a pinch. These are perfect items for the “donate” pile and there are several organizations that welcome these types of items.


Admittedly, I am guilty of the “maybe it is worth something” analogy. Three shelves of leftover items that was sure to make me a treasure on eBay still are still take up space in our basement. More than likely your “treasures” will not make you a fortune, BUT once they are out of your presence, you will be freed of the “what if” syndrome and the declutter heavens will shine upon you.

When you just can’t part with items that you know are of no use physically or emotionally, ask yourself the following question: what is more valuable, the item or the space it occupies? Purging items can be an emotional process, but in the end, you will be glad you took the plunge.


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